Friday, March 2, 2007

Looking for a better way to share files?

Law firms and big corporations have used them for years. They've made it easy to access and share files from anywhere. What are they? Online document management tools -- ways to organize, access, and edit documents easily and quickly. And now, this time- saving technology is available at very affordable rates to nonprofits across the country.

It's a rare organization – no matter what its size – that doesn't need to share large amounts of critical information between various locations, and across great distances. As a rule, many groups need access to important documents: board members, branch offices, volunteers, vendors, and outside consultants, just to name a few. And more specifically, they need the ability to review, categorize, manipulate, edit, approve and produce those documents - from any location in the world, and at any time.

Sharing these documents through email creates a host of problems – controlling versions, access privileges, and approvals. Nothing is worse than wondering if the right file got to the right person at the right time.

Web-based file sharing tools are the perfect solution to the challenge of sharing documents and information. These systems allow organizations to grant secure access to key users, allowing them to access the files they most critically need. And because these systems are web-based, they require nothing more from a remote user than a computer with access to the Internet.

More and more nonprofits have discovered a particularly user-friendly and affordable system called ProjectStory WebFiles®. WebFiles combines an extraordinarily simple and intuitive user interface with powerful storage and security features.

A few years ago, the costs of setting up and maintaining such a system would have made it unaffordable for many nonprofits. But systems such as WebFiles offer this remote document management and sharing capability for as little as $39.95 per month.

Given the many diverse benefits of online document repositories, they are the perfect solution for nearly every type of nonprofit organization. It's no wonder they are growing in popularity, and it's more than likely that these systems will soon be a critical part of every nonprofit's document management strategy.

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